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Sourcery Teammate Erin Jong

Welcome to the Sourcery teammate highlight where we introduce the Sourcery team to the world. Please meet one of our Account Managers, Erin Jong.

Erin Jong

Erin has been an account manager at Sourcery for 2.08 years, going on 2.16. Born and raised in Hawaii, brought to a higher cognitive awareness in New York at New York University then trained to be a “Sourcerer” in San Francisco, she has chosen to make Philadelphia her new abode — home of Philly Cheesesteaks, Brotherly Love, and Ben Franklin.

How was it growing up in Hawaii? It must have been an amazing experience!

Growing up there was like any other I would imagine. I was just doing what the cool kids did — collecting Beanie Babies, feeding my Tamagotchi, and eating packaged cheese snacks. I did realize Hawaii was a pretty cool place in high school when I had access to a car and started going to the beach and hiking a lot.

Since my family lives there, I go home at least once a year to see them and my friends. I try to surf at least once a trip; I’m really bad but it’s fun and a great workout!

Erin Jong

You got your degree in Hospitality at NYU; did you see yourself making a switch to startups?

My first job was as a housekeeper at a small hotel, then I worked at the front desk so I was inclined to major in Hospitality so I could get a job in Hawaii. After a few years in the industry and moving to San Francisco, land of startups, I wanted to explore something different but still use the skills and knowledge I picked up along the way. Like in the hotel industry, being an Account Manager requires problem-solving skills, teamwork, and excellent customer service. I like listening to my customers talk about their ideas of how we can make our product better to help them. Knowing that I’ve made some aspect of their day easier is really rewarding.

You’ve moved coast to coast 3 times! Which is better?

Of course I can’t choose in a publicly published article! To be diplomatic, each place has its own pros and cons and I’ve appreciated my experience in each. Each time I move, it’s an exciting time meeting new people, learning about the history of the area, and finding neighborhood gems. Moving and traveling have been influential to the person I am today; I’m trying to become a better human being by learning more about the world around me.

What do you like to do when you’re traveling and where are you off to next?

Other than exploring the city, doing outdoorsy things, and finding petting zoos, I’m looking for food. Nothing fancy, just local food that I haven’t tried. I got a stomachache trying every exotic fruit smoothie in Brazil and bad breath for the rest of the day eating stinky tofu in Taiwan but it’s all worth it. I’m a huge fan of nattō, Japanese fermented soybeans.

I’m headed to New Orleans for Thanksgiving with my friend from high school. We’ll be eating a lot of beignets.

Erin Jong

*Stinky tofu is pretty stinky*

What are you currently up to in Philly?

I’ve been making the apartment cozy and exploring the city. I just found out about a NASA study on the air detoxifying properties of certain houseplants and now I’m obsessed with collecting them. They look great and now my air is the purest!

Still yet to try a cheesesteak or see the Liberty Bell but all in good time.

If you created a restaurant, what would it serve?

It’d be called The Figgy Piggy and it would specialize in unexpected flavor combinations. My favorite fruit is figs and prosciutto just makes them even better.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Sourcery blog readers?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! I’m also here to get to know you and your business better. In fact, I’ll do it like it’s my job! It’s thanks to your feedback that Sourcery is what it is today and there’s still so much more room to grow.