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4 Areas Where Your Restaurant Can Go Green AND Save Money


With consumer concerns regarding environmental sustainability continuing to grow, more and more restaurant owners are becoming environmentally conscious and searching for new ways their business can go green.

One of the main challenges faced by restaurateurs is aligning responsibility with their business’s bottom line. The good news is that there are a number of sustainable practices that can actually help restaurant owners save money — all while catering to a customer base that is becoming more demanding.

1. The Food

Sustainable foods, such as fair trade, local and organic items, are those that support the long-term maintenance of agriculture and ecosystems for future generations.

Today, organic foods have the reputation of being much more expensive than other types; however, this isn’t always true. There are several factors that can affect the price of organic foods, including the food in question, season and geography. All these factors have to be considered before passing over the option of serving organic food.

Food that is local but not organic is usually more affordable than food purchased from non-local sources. Purchasing food that’s sustainable is not only cheaper than regular food but also putting more money into the local economy.

2. Paper, Tables, and Chairs

Virtually anything you use in your restaurant can be created from recyclable materials: the wrapping you use for takeout, disposable utensils, and even the tables and chairs. You should also use things that can be washed and then reused, such as tablecloths and cloth napkins.

The front end of your restaurant isn’t the only place you can implement recyclable materials. The back end offers lots of opportunities as well. For example, you can take your invoicing, payroll, billing and more and convert it to a digital format. This will save you paper and time. There are countless software options out there made specifically for restaurants that will assist with this.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Making the change to nontoxic cleaning supplies and biodegradable hand soap shows your employees and customers that you care about them as well as the environment. Also, eco-friendly cleaning materials are usually safer and may be a selling point for your restaurant. The fact is, staff and customer awareness plays a huge role in making sure the restaurant is more environmentally friendly — a great way to get this support is by proving that their well-being really matters.

4. Energy and Lighting

By installing lights that respond to motion sensors, you can save quite a bit of energy. You can also utilize energy-efficient light bulbs. Other tips include making sure your lights, ovens and POS systems are always turned off when the restaurant is closed. You should also verify the seals on the refrigeration systems are intact, which can go a long way in making sure you aren’t wasting energy or money. If the seals on your refrigerators aren’t kept tight and clean, then warm air may begin to seep in, which can make the fridge work much harder to remain cool.

5. Go Digital and Paperless with Sourcery AP Automation

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There is very little doubt that environmentally friendly practices are gaining popularity in the restaurant industry. As a result, restaurant owners have to take steps to safeguard their customer satisfaction rate. For restaurants ready to go digital with all their invoicing and other paperwork, Sourcery can help. Sourcery is dedicated to helping restaurant owners make the changes necessary to encourage growth and continued success. And doesn’t a world without file cabinets sound like a better world to live in?