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Customer Profile: How Snap Kitchen is using Price Alerts to save time and money

Sourcery’s Customer Profile highlights how customers are using the product every day to create value within their business. This week, meet Snap Kitchen. Snap Kitchen provides healthy, handmade meals, for busy people on the go. With their app, you can order one meal OR stock up for the week!

Let’s take a look at the Snap Kitchen and Sourcery partnership.

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Our Goals

The goal of co-creation and partnerships with our clients is to see positive business impacts. Snap Kitchen is a multi-location business with 53 locations spanning across Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

One can imagine that keeping a close eye on vendor price fluctuations across 53 locations is no easy feat. Our goals are to help Snap Kitchen closely monitor these price fluctuations and take action to lower costs without taking up large amounts of time and manpower.

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Enter Sourcery

To stay on top of ever-fluctuating prices, Snap Kitchen started using Sourcery’s Price Alerts Feature.

sourcery spend analysis

How do Price Alerts work?

It’s simple really.

Snap kitchen sets a maximum price for each item they want to monitor. If that item’s price exceeds the set limit, they are notified with an alert. The alert is delivered right to their inbox so they can read and digest the information when convenient. The alert includes easy to read graphs that show weekly price fluctuations of particular items and vendors.

Snap Kitchen then uses this data to see where they are spending the most. They also use this data for how they can optimize their kitchen spend. By closely monitoring these numbers they are able to negotiate better prices with vendors, track spending and cost over time, and predict future trends.

The Sourcery Effect

Sourcery empowers clients to cut costs and save time. For Snap Kitchen, Sourcery has become an integral part of that process. Sourcery has helped them to identify inconsistencies in prices across vendors and has quite literally saved them time and money.

“Sourcery is my first go-to when I’m looking for a quick answer about a vendor or an invoice. The advanced filter helps me narrow my search to where I can find what I need with just a few clicks.” —Snap Kitchen’s Accounts Payable Supervisor,  Jonie Howard, in response to weekly price alert emails

Sourcery has proven to be the best tool for controlling cash flow and streamlining cost saving initiatives.